Some people have wondered how Truth Enterprises started.  Here’s a brief history:

Several years ago a newly-minted high school graduate complained to me about a Lower Columbia College philosophy professor he had. The professor, a Ph.D., was singling out Christian students and challenging them about biblical reliability and the existence of God. The young student, not able to defend himself, his Bible, or his faith, inquired of me regarding what could or should be done. Since I wasn’t a student at this young man’s college, I had nothing to lose in a polite confrontation with the professor.

With the young man’s permission, I visited his professor and invited him to a public debate over the existence of God. He was reluctant at first until I told him that he needed to be met at his intellectual level.  I helped him understand that picking on immature students wasn’t a fair fight, especially considering the fact that most are disinclined to ruffle the feathers of an antagonist to their faith who holds their grades in his hand. I informed the professor that if he declined the challenge I would make sure his refusal would be very public . . . in the school and community newspapers.

So, the first event of Truth Enterprises sprung from the circumstances described above, and it was a smashing success. Approximately 500 people attended this first debate, as did the media. Audience questions and answers followed the formal exchange between the participants.